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Committee Descriptions

Advocacy Committee

Chair – Jason Sams, ARC

This committee is scheduled to meet the 3rd Thursday of every month. This committee reviews land usage, regulatory updates, ordinance updates, proposed fee schedules, and anything that works for/against our mission regarding the best interests of our membership. This committee will discuss the political climate of the BDASI’s five-county jurisdiction with routine conversations with elected and appointed officials throughout Southern Indiana. Most importantly, this committee will set the precedent of the BDASI’s advocacy efforts, any regulatory issues that may be presented to the BDASI will be voted upon this committee in order to hold a majority in order to fight our advocacy battles in a unified manner.

By-Law Review 

Chair - Jason Lopp, CLLB Law

This committee meets twice per year to review and make recommended updates to the BDASI By-Laws to be ultimately approved by the board before being voted on by the general membership.


Chair – Jacob Julius, Logan Lavelle Hunt

This committee helps BDASI staff oversee, execute, and review all BDASI events including Signature Events. The Associates committee from 2019 will be rolled into this Committee in order to fulfill both objectives of each committee. This committee meets as needed depending on the upcoming event schedule. This committee will also be asked to volunteer in the setup of events and volunteer opportunities. Alongside of providing the committee with expertise and knowledge on the events side of the organization this will be a hands-on committee that will schedule, staff, and assist with many events throughout the year. This committee will also maintain different volunteers or advisors that will be represent by BDASI’s membership investment program. Each company of the membership investment program will have the right to have one representative for this committee.

Financial Committee

Chair – Garrett Smith, BDASI Treasurer/Logan Lavelle Hunt

This committee is responsible for the BDASI and the organizational finances. This committee MUST meet at least quarterly to assess the current status of the BDASI and the finances. Alongside of expertise in accounting and financial affairs, members of this committee will be tasked with presenting ideas for growth of the BDASI and its efforts in both the Advocacy and Fundraising Arena. A large portion of this committee will be committed to understanding and discussing the membership rates and the ever-changing environment of the 3-tiered membership structure. It is critical that the BDASI always maintains a good financial standing, this committee will be crucial in those efforts in order to not only maintain but forecast for long term growth and stability. This committee will be comprised of 5 members including BDASI Treasurer and CEO. 


Chair – Michael Schuler, BDASI Chairman/Schuler Homes

This committee oversees the BDASI political funding branch of the association. It is responsible for PAC fundraiser for our local and state efforts. It is also responsible for making recommendations to the Board in reference to public support or opposition of candidates, referendums, and other items of a political nature. This committee schedule varies depending on that year's election cycle and items of importance.




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